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Fanfiction Ideas: Vongola Persona Mafia
-Anime & Game, Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Persona 4 crossover- Vongola Persona Mafia
Inspired by:
Sky: Yu Narukami
Storm: Yosuke Hanamura
Rain: Naoto Shirogane
Mist: Rise Kujikawa and Teddie
Sun: Yukiko Amagi
Lightning: Kanji Tatsumi
Cloud: Satonaka Chie
As Tsuna returns to his normal everyday life and leave the Mafia behind, Vongola scrambles to look for a replacement that could lead their Famiglia. They found it in the form of Yu Narukami. Reborn was immediately dispatched to tutor him, but after some time realizes that Yu Narukami was almost a perfect candidate for the next boss, Saintly understanding, Sagely knowledge, Heroic courage, Enthralling expression, Rock solid diligence. Except he has no knowledge in the workings of the mafia world. Reborn with his super spartan style of teaching, managed to make Yu Narukami cat
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Fanfiction Ideas: Sengoku PERSONA - Golden
(P4U) As Yu Narukami defeat Hi no Kagatsuchi, he was sent off to a different world by the last act of spite from his enemy. The other members of the investigation team were all heart broken when they found out their beloved leader is gone forever. But Margaret showed up and told them that there is a way...
Margaret gathered everyone, and told them that they can make a decision. The rift that was torn open by Hi no Kagatsuchi when sending Yu Narukami away was shrinking, and will soon disappear all together by the end of June. They could choose to stay where they are but to lose the chance to ever be with him again, or to go where their friend is but never return to this world. 
Yosuke's subpar grades fell lower and lower, Chie stopped training, Yukiko ended up breaking a lot of things when she is helping out in the inn, Kanji couldn't sew, Teddie stopped enjoying food, Rise drowned herself in the photos of her friends, and Naoto threw herself into work. They just couldn't stop thin
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Fanfiction Ideas: To Be a Legend
Crossover -Anime & Game, Fate/stay Night & World of Warcraft- Part three of Trilogy.
After becoming Lich King, Shirou worked tirelessly. He made a code of conduct for all the Undead, a few rules and philosophy including that the existence of Undead are all for the purpose of protecting the living. 
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Fanfiction Ideas: To Be a King
Crossover -Anime & Game, Fate/stay Night & World of Warcraft- Part two of Trilogy.
Shirou and Arthas were sent to defeat all the Death knight/Lich created by Guldaan and Kil'jaeden. They most certainly did that but the plague in the crops began to spread and they tirelessly tried to stop it. Finding information that the newest Plague would happen in Stratholme, they quickly made there way to the second capitol of Lordaeron.
As the campaign to slay the undead went on, Shirou slowly started to realize that something is very wrong with Arthas. He tried his best to make him see reason but was ignored every time. During Stratholme Arthas decided to purge the entire city but Shirou and Uther strongly objected; Arthas then disbanded the knights and tried to purge the entire city on his own, thus began the Culling of Stratholme.
Shirou and Uther together managed to stop Arthas from killing anyone, and Shirou used his new found 'Salvation' powers (He completed this specializat
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Fanfiction Ideas: To Be a Hero
Crossover -Anime & Game, Fate/stay Night & World of Warcraft- Part one of Trilogy.
After the Grail War, Illyasviel von Einzbern's health continues to deteriorate, and is slowly dying. Shirou tried his best to heal her with Avalon but the effects were limited. Rin and Sakura are both very worried and together they conducted research to try and save Illya.
After two years of fruitless searching, they were running out of time as Illya gets worse and worse. Rin desperately contacted Zelretch the Wizard Marshal, and instead got a cryptic reply from him.
"Tell Shirou Emiya to go to the Lake of Avalon alone, and expect to never return." 
Having no other options, Shirou decided to go to Lake of Avalon. The three girls all gave him teary good byes and used Mystical Instruction (like the Instruction magic from Campione) to pass over as much knowledge to him as possible. 
At the Lake of Avalon, Shirou struck a deal with the Lady of the Lake, by forsaking his own r
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Fanfiction Ideas: Blue Velvet Exorcists
Crossover -Anime & Game, Blue Exorcist & Persona 4-
Narukami and Co. lost their battle with Izanami and their souls were ready to be carted off to the land of the dead. The residents of Velvet room tries to intervene, but could not stop their souls to be carted off. However they managed to change the destination from the land of the dead to somewhere called 'Assiah', and from what they could gather it looked much safer than the land of the dead.
Narukami and Co. were in a surprise for their life when they found out the apparently peaceful Assiah was filled with demons. Somehow being able to summon their Personas in Assiah, they helped defeating the demons running amok and caught the eyes of Shiro Fujimoto. For about a week they lived in the Church and they along with Rin Okumura enrolled into True cross academy later when Shiro died, and also became students of the Exorcist classes. While Narukami and Co. were being questioned by Mephisto for their Persona abilities and tr
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Fanfiction Ideas: Lich King Phantom
Crossover -Cartoon & Game, Danny Phantom & World of Warcraft-
After ascending the throne and becoming Ghost King, Danny lived on for many years, until ultimately the end of the world came around in 24XX. Looking no more than 20 years old, Danny sought out Clockwork for advice on saving as many people as possible. Clockwork reluctantly told Danny that he could move the entire ghost zone to another world called Azeroth, but it requires a sacrifice of immense power. The only individuals who meet this criteria were Clockwork himself and Danny; Nocturne or Spectra under a 'nightmare/misery boost' in the size of the entire population of ghosts might barely make it, but the alternatives were not available due to those two being locked tight in Danny's dungeon.
Clockwork revealed that it was his time, for he was the keeper of time on Earth. If Earth was to perish, then it doesn't matter whether he escapes to another world or not, he would die as well. Danny gave him a tearful good
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Fanfiction Ideas: God Slaying Divine Beast
Originally by ForgottenFables
The author has decided to discontinue it, but I would want to see it continue! So I am posting this here to anyone who is interested.
After the false alarm in Japan, Danny and Yuki return to Amity by using Danny's portal. They, along with Sam and Tucker plan out how to prank every single person in the SSI after Danny scouted the SSI by discreetly opening a portal and scout around while invisible. Danny then decided to pop into the office of the head of SSI, and tried to make some things clear with the agency.
Danny told the Agency to be truthful about their intentions in the future, treat him as an equal (no groveling, no treating him as if he is an ascended being, but also no belittling like a child. Just pla
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Fanfiction Ideas: Ace Ghost Investigator Sissel
Crossover -Game & Game, Phoenix Wright & Ghost Trick-
During one of his visits to Europe, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey met Sissel, a strange black kitten that Maya claims to have an extremely powerful soul. Sissel proceeds to talk to the humans by possessing Maya. And then, an accident happened nearby, where a famous actor was killed in a car crash. Sissel tried to save the actor but accidentally brought Wright and Maya along.
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Fanfiction Ideas: Another Human Land God!?
Crossover -Anime & Anime, Natsume Yuujinchoi & Kamisama Hajimemashita-
Nanami was surprised to hear from the gossip mill one day that another Human Land God has appeared. Its said to be a shy boy with several powerful Youkai familiars helping him manage the land. There was also something about 'the book of friends' that she keeps hearing, but it all flew over her head. She was simply too eager to meet this new person who shares the same (miserable) fate as her! Tomoe was not thrilled to find Nanami bouncing off walls just so she can meet this new Human Land God.
Natsume on the other hand, was panicking. He was just returning another Name to one of the Youkai, and walking outside for a breath of fresh air that he found a person collapsed on the ground. Being the kind person that he is, Natsume helped him up and invited him into his home. As it turned out the person was a mountain god, and he bestowed his Mark, Land and Powers to Natsume, deeming him worthy. Madara was furio
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Fanfiction Ideas: Sakura's adventure in Heartland
Crossover -Anime & Anime, Card Captor Sakura & Yu Gi Oh Zexal-
Sakura moves to Heartland after a phone call from Eriol telling him that strange things are happening in that place. With Eriol's advice, Sakura converted her cards into the cards that are used in a popular card game called 'Yu Gi Oh'.
Sakura's Deck - Total 53 cards, and this deck is unique in the sense that there are no magic/trap cards and only monsters who are treated as magic/trap cards. This is true except the 6 main elementals: Light, Dark, Windy, Earthy, Fiery, Watery, Hope and the twin guardians.
Clow Spirit: The Firey
Lv7 FIRE Fairy 3000/1500
You can Special summon this card from the hand or graveyard by banishing 1 FIRE element Clow Spirit monster from your hand, field, or graveyard. Once per turn, destroy a face up card on the field, and deal 500 LP damage to your opponent; your opponent cannot chain with this effect. The ATK of this card is halved the turn its effect was activated.
Clow Spirit: The
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Fanfiction Ideas: You are the Prince of Lagendia
-Game, Dragon Nest-
Edan the Priest, during his Trial to become an Inquisitor, received a red ruby ring with a golden skull emblem placed upon it from his mother in which she stated it was one out of the pair of rings owned by his father. Wearing it on his person ever since, he fought bravely against the onslaught of the Dragon Followers and their armies. After finally defeating the King Feather who possessed both Red and Black Dragon jewels with his friends, he gave chase with the help of Merendiel and arrived in an area of Anu Arendel.
King Feather after that intense defeat from the New Seven Heroes (Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Academic, Kali, Assassin) in Saint Haven was gravely injured. Despite his conditions he still moved forward and retained his wish to acquire the Monolith. Merendiel tried her best to dissuade him, but failed. During the conversation, the ruby ring on Edan's finger was slowly glowing brighter and brighter, until the glow caught the eyes of King Feather.
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Fanfiction Ideas: Trickster VRMMO
Crossover -Game & Anime, Trickster Online & Sword Art Online-
After the SEED was spread across the internet, someone decided to create a virtual reality game. Whomever that found the ultimate objective of the game: The treasure of Don Cabalier, will also gain several million gold in the real life, so it became a popular game really quickly. The person who created the Trickster Virtual Reality Online goes by the name of Don Cabalier, but he is recently deceased. The CEO of the Megalo company (the company that controls the game) is his brother Don Giuvanni. Kazuto and Asuna decided to take a spin and dig around inside the game, finding out Don Cabalier copying Kayaba Akihiko by saving his consciousness inside the game data before he died also didn't help easing his mind any bit.
Now with Animal Ears and Tails (or other Traits), our main cast goes through the adventure of finding the lost treasure of Don Cabalier, in order to win the grand prize of Trickster Online and discover th
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Fanfiction Ideas: In the Hands of the Creator
Crossover -Game & Anime, Bayonetta & Fate/stay Night-
It has already been several years after the Holy Grail war, and Shirou became one of the top enforcers within the clock tower. One day on an assignment in America, he stationed himself in a small church right at the outskirt of New York. There, he found an extremely tall lady dressed in a white nun outfit of peculiar design resembling hippy outfits... strangely woven out of hair if Shirou's structural analysis did not lie to him.
One night, Shirou woke up from a magical disturbance in the night, and heard several crashing sounds and gunfire coming from the graveyard in the church. He ran out in full gear only to find Enzo on the ground scared sh1tless, and Rodin standing casually over an open coffin casket, while invisible shock waves and seemingly ethereal feathers fly about. Shirou's gaze rested on Rodin, and his instincts told him to run far far away. Shirou and Rodin underwent a tense conversation while Bayonetta was hav
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Fanfiction Ideas: Deathwing's Bane
Crossover - Game & Game, Elder Scrolls 5- 
Our most esteemed Dragonborn was bored enough to mess around with the Wabbajack, and ended up creating a portal into Azeroth by pointing the staff of madness to a cheese. At first he was wary of this portal in the middle of his house in Whiterun that still hadn't fade away after several days. He talked to Sheogorath and Uncle Sheo told him about how the portal is a one way ticket to a different world. Having nothing else to do after defeating Anduin and bored out of his mind (he pretty much completed the whole game 100% and DLC with all skills and perks at max), stepped into the world of Azeroth carrying most of his possession inside an enchanted pouch with unlimited space.
(OR have Azura talk to Elune, and have her send Dragonborn over instead.)
Nozdormu was predictably upset by this new anomaly in the timeline, Alexstrasza was afraid of him exuding an unidentifiable aura that is neither life or death along with the countless un
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Fanfiction Ideas: Annie and Friends in Azeroth
Crossover -Game & Game, League of Legends & World of Warcraft-
Young little Annie along with her friends, Lulu, Veigar, Gnar and Amumu all entered a malfunctioning summoning portal at the end of their match and ended up in the forest of Azeroth a few days before the Purge of Stratholme. Guided by the prophet, Arthas was moving towards Stratholme when all 5 of them were found. With all 5 of the (arguably) young league-ers decked out in full mystical gear fresh from the store (Rabadon's Deathcap hint hint), together they will make massive waves around the land of Azeroth that ultimately changed the fates of countless lives. Annie might potentially end up being adopted by either Jaina or Arthas.
What is probably going to happen is that although Arthas still came into contact with Frostmourne and became the Lich King, Annie's influence has made him hold onto his sanity, making the Lich King have a split personality disorder with one part of him controlled by Ner'zhul. Ultimately An
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Tendael The Firebrand by draken4o Tendael The Firebrand :icondraken4o:draken4o 114 5 STAY WITH ME by PATVIT STAY WITH ME :iconpatvit:PATVIT 67 19 Encounter by KilartDev Encounter :iconkilartdev:KilartDev 872 17 GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY by peachiekeenie GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY :iconpeachiekeenie:peachiekeenie 113 9 The Dragon and the Mage by Fairytas The Dragon and the Mage :iconfairytas:Fairytas 119 3 Inspiring STOCK Example XIV by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example XIV :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 185 13 Inspiring STOCK Example LIV by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example LIV :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 167 4 Devil Lu Bu by fengua-zhong Devil Lu Bu :iconfengua-zhong:fengua-zhong 777 25 Knight Character Design by conorburkeart Knight Character Design :iconconorburkeart:conorburkeart 802 21 ZEVAZE' - The Forsaken Hero by PATVIT ZEVAZE' - The Forsaken Hero :iconpatvit:PATVIT 21 7 Death Knight Hero - Arthas Menethil by ForrestImel Death Knight Hero - Arthas Menethil :iconforrestimel:ForrestImel 193 11 C - Ho Drakon Ho Megas by Cashile C - Ho Drakon Ho Megas :iconcashile:Cashile 574 72 Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys cosplay by AndrewRyanArt Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys cosplay :iconandrewryanart:AndrewRyanArt 1,494 60 Persona 5 Protagonist by PATVIT Persona 5 Protagonist :iconpatvit:PATVIT 203 6 P5 by Tiffany-Tees P5 :icontiffany-tees:Tiffany-Tees 151 2 Marine Luffy by shamserg Marine Luffy :iconshamserg:shamserg 48 2



Hi everyone :D i only registered an account just for replying <3
I also have a lot of ideas for fanfiction, but I lack the ability to make them into anything real because my writing skill sucks. I am going to post them here and try to inspire others with my ideas.

You may freely take any ideas that I have here and make them into something worthwhile. Just tell me that you are taking it so I can look out for the good stuff you are making!


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(つд⊂)ゴシゴシ (Again)
  _, ._
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